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how can i join this club?
Derek Chan <>
HK, -
Loved reading all articles and viewing pictures. I have a new puppy and love having her.
Cindy Nomellini <>
San Francisco, ca usa -
RI have a meatmouth sharpei which I purchased in Zhejiang China and i'm a very happy owner. Can I jion your club?
wendy bach <wabach@hotmailcom>
Ningbo, zhejiang china -
lots of sharpei loves from liesbeth and paul and our sharpei his name is boy he is 21 months old. by by by by
liesbeth <>
netherlands -
Hello, Your page is very neat, I guess it should be interresting to get a page where people from any contry in the world can send and store pictures. As Hong Kong is the nest of this fantastic dog, may be your site could be the biggest galery of Shar Pei s with dogs from every where, from now I didn't find such web page. Go on with your page for the shar pei lovers.
fred <>
Lyon, France -
Quisiera que me contactaran con algun criador de Hong Kong para comprar cachorros, es de suma urgencia.Gracias.
Jose Garcia La Riva <>
Lima, LM PERU -
Hi want to say that I really love this site. It's so interesting to read about the real heratige of the Shar-pei. Sorry to use your gastbook to advertise but I think a lot of Traditional Shar-pei fanciers would come trough here so. For anyone who loves this type of Shar-pei and wants to share/ learn more about them please visit above linked Yahoo Group. This group is for people who are really interested in bringing back this type and give it back a place in every day live. Because we do believe that it is an overlooked link to a better and healthy Shar-pei breed. Dana
rotterdam, The Netherlands -
Wehave a 6 month old Sharpei and we are looking forward to getting somw good advice!!
Harry Bracey <>
MiddletonW, wi USA -
Hello! Cant you recommend me a judge from China or Hong Kong,who can judge other breeds too.Cant you send me a list or something.Thank you!
Kikka Posti <>
Vantaa, Finland -
hi everyone i have a 15 month old shar pei called zena who is 22 inches tall. can anyone tell me if theres anything i can give her to put the weight on?. thanks stephen.
Stephen <>
Hello! Greetings from Poland, from Goldoland " ZŁOTOLANDIA" - shar pei & golden retrievers
Renata <>
., . Poland -
Hi dear Sfar pei lovers! It's allways a pleasure to come back to your site and see what is going on in the home land of our beautiful breed! Keep on good work! Dejan
Dejan <>
Braslovce, SI Slovenia -
We recently lost our much loved "Buffy" a beautiful bearcoat to cancer at the at just 2yrs.We are heartbroken...she gave so much and expected no more than to be loved in return which she made so easy to do.She had such a sunny personality and the ability to lift even the darkest cloud with her child-like antics,we will miss her always.We have decided that in time we will buy another Sharpei because as you all know only too well our lives don't feel complete without them there is a big void that only their love and companionship can fill. Thankyou for maintaining a site like this where Sharpei lovers can share and appreciate this beautiful breed. Carol + Mic
carol garnet
united kingdom -
2 things to say: 1. I like wrinkle dogs 2. Live for Jesus! Love, Jennifer
I forgot to mention in my first message: SHAR-PEI UNITES! SHAR-PEI RULES!
Andre Doria <>
Brasilia, DF Brazil -
Super! Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic. Your website is complete, accurate and full of useful info. Sharpei is a breed that is extremely appreciated in Brazil. In fact, people are just discovering shar-pei breed here. I have a pure female puppy (Currently 9 months old) named Victoria. Many features described in the site perfectly fits with its behaviour and attitude. Victoria is a faithful puppy and, at home, we are all extremely happy with her. Victoria is a reason of happiness to all of us. If I knew that having a shar-pei would be so good, I would have taken my puppy a lot of time before. Definitely, I bookmarked in my Netscape. Whenever necessary, I shall access it to clear doubts or just to make a drop-by... Regards!
Andre Doria <>
Brasilia, DF Brazil -
Very helpful web site, as an owner of Shar Pei for the last 9 and half years, I find your information very useful.
Dave Peter <>
Las Vegas, NV USA -
Very interresting HP and the pics are so good. Best Wish for all Nadja & Co
Nadja <>
Vienna, A Austria -
I'm the proud owner of 7 Shar-pei's.Through my research I now have healthy dogs with NO skin or eye problems. Keep up the good work,it is sites like yours that have helped me immensely,as most vets don't have hands on experience with this breed.
Isabel Fulton <>
Merida, Yuc Mexico -
Hi there, I've finished my website which about my doggies ~ Chinese Sharpei 駿駿 & Golden Retreive 囡囡, please have a look if you have time. ^^
Stewart <>
China, Hong Kong SAR -
bonjour ca fut un plaisir de visiter votre site
dubej frederic <>
maffle, belgique -
Excellent Site and a fantastic source for Shar-Pei information. My SP is a 2 1/2 year old Meat Mouth with a perfect apricot coloured Brush coat. The key to perfect ears and coat is definitely diet. I feed my Sharp-Pei a Lamb\Rice based kibble with fish, rice, fruit and some pasta for a treat. The breeder that I bought him from was and is still the main reason why we have had no health problems to date. Our dogs see a vet only for their yearly shots and check up. If you follow the link that I have provided, you will find another excellent source of information about this breed which will prove that their are still some breeders in Canada and the US that are dedicated to improving and preserving this wonderful breed. As far as temperment goes, my SP loves people and is extremely friendly to his family and to those I allow into my home but is a fierce watch dog that is very protective of his surroundings. When we play rough he becomes very aggressive but was trained at an early age that his teeth can hurt and would never clamp down when play biting. This is defintely the most intelligent, stubborn dog I have ever seen and has provided many hours of fun for his family and our guests.
Keith Morgan <>
Toronto, Canada -
I love this site. I'm not members of the Chinese Shar Pei Club of Canada. Our family are originally from Hong kong but we are now living in Canada. I love the historical pictures and it's interesting to find out the roots of the breeds. Lots of pictures on the site!! I have some pictures of my pup, she's an isabella horse coat, 3 months old. Please check it out. April 03
Trudy <>
mississauga, ON Canada -
I very much enjoyed visiting this website and viewing all the dogs. My black horsecoat girl looks very much like the dogs on this site. I'm so glad to see that the original breed is being preserved. I'm going to put this site in my Favorite places and visit it often.
Jo <>
Columbus, OH USA -
Dear all, after visiting this fascinating web page I hardly can´t wait to go to Hong Kong and visit the Shar Pei Club and learn more about this breed and meet other people who also love them. We have a joyful 9-month-old brush-coat meat-mouth male called "Pickwick" from a breeder in Jakarta. He gets a lot of fish with cooked rice, green beans, chopped garlic, boiled potatoes and a little banana. Fortunately, an excellent vet helped to cure his skin and eye problems. We go out 3 times a day with him, which we enjoy as much as the dog. I adore him so much because he is a noble and elegant creature whilst being veeery naughty ... he has increased our fun factor in life significantly!
Caterina <>
Jakarta, Indonesia -
can any body help us . our beautiful shar pei has nothing than troubles with his eyes. for suggestions or help please mail us . tank You.
a.j.weustink <>
enschede, holland -
i was wondering i am trying to purchase a sharpei ,but i am unable to locate one at this time is there any way you can help me find a puppy(sharpei)?
danny bertoch <>
riverdale, ut united states -
Hallo, I'm a little chow-chow-boy from bavaria. I have found your nice homepage. I would be pleased to hear from you soon. Many greetings and a big footprint wuff, wuff Rusty
Rusty <>
Bamberg, Germany -
Hallo, I'm a little chow-chow-boy from bavaria. I have found your nice homepage. I would be pleased to hear from you soon. Many greetings and a big footprint wuff, wuff Rusty
RUsty <>
Bamberg, Germany -
I have two Sharpei ONE is bone mouth male the outher is meat mouth your web sight is very inpresive the Sharpei is the grandist bread i have ever had the plesure too share my dayes with I would like thank those who had such Grate wisdom so long Ago to create the Sharpie bread for they were troly wise men for the bread is the truly a GRATE dog thanks too you all.Alex D Pearson
Alex D Pearson <>
Shelby, N.C U.S.A -
Youre dogs are beautiful. Is there anything special you use for dry irritated skin?
Terri <>
Ky USA -
Very good information and interseting to read.
leo , lome TOGO -
Nice site, we have two sharpei's mail and female Dani and his mother Simba
robert tournier <>
hoek v holland, the netherlands -
ohner of two sharpei mail and female
robert tournier <>
hoek v holland, the netherlands -
Very nice site ,keep up the good work and give all Pei's a good live !
Hans <>
Beverwijk, The Netherlands -
Bonemouth enthusiasts unite! I am an avid bonemouth fan and am determined to see the Traditional Sharpei attain its deserved place in America. Let's not allow the wonderful TRUE Sharpei to disappear. If anyone out there is interested, no matter what country you're from, please feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from anyone who owns Traditional Bonemouth Sharpei!
Lisa Clayton <>
Athens, TN. USA -
very interesting website.nice pictures.i hope you get more respons from more shar pei lovers .
a weustink <>
enschede, ov netherlands -
Fantastic site, I have learned so much about this great dog. I am so pleased to see these specimens as previously I was only familiar with the loose skinned show specimens we have here in the UK. After taking the time to read about them and seeing excellent pictures of some formidable animals you can now consider me a sharpei fan!
Chris Gaynor <>
UK -
I can not express what a inspiring experience it was to read your site and to learn about the AUTHENTIC Sharpei. I am in my mind a purist and agree and believe that a breed that used to hunt and fight, should still be able to do so. It is extremely important that you mantain the authentic dogs because here in the west they will not. If I did not own already another breed, I would buy a pair of authentic Sharpeis. I sincerely hope you mantain the fighting and hunting ability of the breed, and someday I might own one too. Warm Regards Otto Brito
Otto Brito <>
SJ, Puerto Rico -
Thank You for this Great website. My SP is something in between these two types (bitch is bonemouth and dog is meatmouth) and only problems we´ve had is ear infection(?) and over sensitive for some food, like bread. ( My son is 1 year old and he gives "treats") Now he is 2,5 year and allready FIN UCH (and Winner-02 by judge from Japan.) I love my dog, he is part of our family and my sons friend. Best Regards, Irene & Katlei´s Adagio "ALF"
Irene <>
Finland -
I liked this homepage a lot, I possess 04 sharpeis and 01 are white. He was almost blind however I found a veterinary excellent eye specialist and her until it operated one of the females that had presented an ulceration in the view and the only way of solving was a surgery. I love this race, because they are clean, cheerful and a lot of friends and companions.
Rosemary <>
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil -
This is possibly the most accurately written website on the subject for Chinese Shar Pei that I have come across after months of researching on this subject. Could you please referred me to a breeder in Hong Kong. I sure want to own one genuine chinese shar pei. Thanks and Kung Hei Fatt Choy
Low Chin Yong <>
Singapore, SG Singapore -
I like the website, but please excuse me, but I need some help, end of may 2003 we get a shar-pei puppy, we would like a chines name with translation, can somebody help us! Thank you.
Jolanda <>
Papendrecht, nl Netherlands -
I have a traditional bone mouth shar pei male and he has been a joy to the family. I recently aquired a meatmouth female, though she isn't overly wrinkled, but because of the limited gene pool here in the states, she had a gene immunity defect which has caused her to break out in spots of the mange. We are treating her and hope to have it cleared up. We also plan to breed the two in hopes that the male will help clean up the gene pool. Though we run the risk of the offsprings carring the defect, we think it is worth the risk to see what the first litter will turn out to be like. By the way "Corey" our bone mouth is the spitting image of those on your pages of the earliest bone mouth the "Iron Monkey". Though he only one white spot on his chest the rest of him is solid black and we often trip over him at night due to we can't see him. He is extremely protective of the family and doesn't like strangers coming to the house. I love your web site, and found it extremely educational due to the fact that everyone who has met Corey ask us if he is a pitbull, and are shock and don't believe he is a traditional Shar Pei. Though every feature in your standards listing is our Corey to right down to his tail. Plan to visit this site often and recommend it to everyone I know who likes and love the Shar Pei. I would like to email pictures of Corey to get your opinion on him compared you the Hong Kong standards and not the AKC standard.
Dwayne & LaVonda Pearson <>
Shelby, NC USA -
I also have a bone-mouth sharpei, he's extremely smart (perhaps way too smart that I have to take special attention on his training). Even though my sharpei is just 2 months old, I guess he has the IQ of a 10 year old human kid.
sharpeiBB <>
Hong Kong -
Good web site and detail information were provided. I have learned a bunch of knowledge about SP. I love the original SP instead of the "Meat Mouth" and I have one "Bone Mouth" SP recently. His name is Chun Chun "駿駿" and he's now 7 months only. That's all for now and all the best to all SP Lovers.
Stewart <>
Hong Kong, China -
The way it has been layout is a huge credit.I have 9 Shar-Pei which i show every weekend in Perth,yet to look at the history on your web site freshens me up on the breed.
tony mallia <>
Perth, wa australia -
Enjoyed the layout and design.A credit for the way its done.
tony mallia <>
Perth, WA Australia -
What a great site, I have printed out a lot of info from here.We now have 2 Peis.One is a retired female breeder, 6 years old and a 2 1/2 year old female.Both are very out going dogs.Very friendly. We lost our first one to cancer a year ago and had to replace her right away.Will pass this site on to friends.
Bob Blake <>
Second North River, N.B. Canada. -
Dear Nelson and all the hard worker who put up this wonderful website. THANK YOU! I don't have any SP but I learn a whole bunch from reading each and every single page of this website. VERY informative site and a very nicely put together site. Well done guys! Keep up the good work. SP is a very interesting breed to me. After reading all the info on this page, I have starting to like the breed. Now, I can see why Nelson like the breed so much. Hey Uncle Nel, I don't know if you still remember me or not. I am Ah Yan, and now living in USA. Last time I went back to HK, hummm...guess it was awhile back in '97. Anyway, you took me to see your horse and I gotta meet Billy. It was a lot of fun! Do you have email? If you do, please send a short email to me, so I can keep in touch with you thru email. If not, guess I will just have to do it the traditional way, send you snail mail. Have a happy holiday everyone! Happy New year! P.S. Visit my website if you get a chance Nelson. You will always be my "See Fu" who I always look up to! :o) Regards, Steffie
Stephanie Cheng <>
Lakewood, CO USA -
I went to China and had a hard time to see the original. I hope people in China respect these dogs for the wonderful creatures that they r. they r super smart and I have has them for more than a decade They are my life. I would like to buy those stamps and have those paintings that show the shar-peis origins. Thnks Dianne
Dianne <>
Overlandpark, KS USA -
hello. you have a very pretty homepage. and beautiful shar peis. greetings daniel, steffi and rudi
german -
I have had Shar Pei since 1981, and by far love the traditional bonemouth the most.We still have some decent traditional type SP in this country, but they are rare. Almost everyone here prefers the meatmouth, longer-coated type, but these are terribly unhealthy and nowhere nearly as intelligent. Some of us are trying to promote the traditional bonemouth in this country, but recognise the need for bloodlines from your country. We are not ALL only interested in profits; some of us want to produce true SP.
Lisa Clayton
Athens, TN. USA -
Last year I had rescued a dog in which I was told was probably a traditional Sharpei. Your website has allowed me to learn more about the traditional dog vs the meatmouth version. She is "rice color with 5 reds" and is extremely sweet. Her name is Sallyann but I also call her "little girl" in Cantonese. My question is, "how did she appear in Southern California"?
Joyce Wong <>
Tustin, CA USA -
A wonderfull site Allways been very interest in your breed. I am a breeder from Sweden and Breed Coton De Tulear Monica
monica bengtsson <>
Helsingborg, SWEDEN -
We have a 10-year old female, cream coloured horsecoat Original type Sharpei in excellent health. We feed our Sharpei brown rice, crushed garlic, green/yellow beans, tomatoes and fish. Not the commerical poison you buy in the grocery/pet stores. We are really interested in acquiring 1-2 Original type Sharpei. Please, please, please, could you tell us who we could get in contact with. It would be very much appreciated. We also have a 5-year old meat mouth, cream coloured brushcoat Sharpei and have nothing but problems with his eyes.
Jean Isachenko <>
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA -
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